Operation Serve to Heal 2016 – Service Projects

If you are wondering what Operation Serve to Heal is all about you can find all the general information here

This year, because we have a few extra days,  we wanted to do some things that would be more like a service project, and not only random acts of kindness. I wanted to let you know about a few different things we will be doing for Operation Serve to Heal. You are welcome to join us!

We printed up some fun little plastic bracelets with my cute husbands’ name on them, as well as some temporary tattoos that depict the Operation Serve to Heal logo {colored by my beautiful little girls}

We will be trading these for a donation in any amount.

100% of the proceeds from these items will go to

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The Shamba Foundation.

The Shamba Foundation is a charity providing care and schooling to the children of Kenya. This foundation was started by a good friend who had visited Kenya, met the children and knew that she needed to do something.  

Steven, the man who runs the orphanage and school came to my daughters’ school to share his wood carvings. They met him and watched videos of “his” children. When we talked about earning money to donate, they wanted to give any money we earned to them.  You can find out more about the foundation and meet their beautiful children here.


We will also be doing a drive to collect items for Family Welcome Kits at Lantern House (St. Anne’s) homeless shelter.

Each welcome kit needs to contain the following:

4 bath towels

2 hand towels

2 wash cloths

1 family size shampoo

1 family size conditioner (optional)

2 bars of soap

1 family size lotion

1 deodorant

1 family size toothpaste

4 tooth brushes

1 roll toilet paper

1 laundry basket

4 refillable water bottles

All the items need to be NEW. (per Lantern House requirements)

If you would like to donate an item to go in the welcome kits you can just drop it by our home – { you can email me at jenrfunk@comcast.net  if you need more information about this}  We will be delivering these kits at the end of Operation Serve to Heal.


I also want to share this wonderful project that was recently started by my cousin.

 Hearts Tied Together is a child refugee fleece blanket project. 12973206_223069974731610_4514008692605923581_o You can read more about it here.


You are welcome to participate in these projects with us!  But please don’t feel like you HAVE to in order to participate in Operation Serve to Heal. You can also find your own projects, or just do something nice for someone.   The purpose of our day of service really is very simple –

remember {or maybe discover} how powerful service can be.

We will be serving in honor of our hero.

Join with us and Serve in honor of someone YOU love… and see what happens.

We want to hear your story. Who you chose to serve for and how that service impacted your life.

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