Limited Edition Prints

These fine art quality reproductions are derived from a hand painted original canvas.

Archival quality is 100+ years.

Each print is a numbered limited edition signed by the artist.

The total print run will vary and will be listed on the print.

These are printed on a unique pearlescent surface that provides ultra bright backgrounds, beautifully saturated colors and great three dimensional detail.

sizes range from 5×7 to 16×20. Larger sizes are available for special order.

Prices for standard sizes range from $12 to $70

You can head over to the blog to find my thoughts about some of the various prints a few posts back.


IMG_8826_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art IMG_8820_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art IMG_8819_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art JFD product shot_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art IMG_8732_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art IMG_3623_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art IMG_0987 (2)_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art IMG_1008_Jen_Funk_Jennifer_Funk_Designs_Art